Latest Configuration Manager 2303 Hotfix KB24719670 Rollup

Microsoft has released Configuration Manager 2303 Hotfix KB24719670 rollup to address performance issues. The new hotfix rollup update KB24719670 applies to customers who didn’t install the KB21010486 hotfix for SCCM 2303.

In this article, we will go over the fixes and improvements included in the KB24719670 hotfix released for version 2303. We will then look at how to install the hotfix rollup KB24719670 on our SCCM 2303 setup.

Microsoft released a new standalone hotfix ‘KB24721208’ for SCCM 2303 customers who installed the KB21010486 update rollup on or before August 2, 2023, to resolve the data processing issues.

However, for customers who opted in for slow ring release of SCCM 2303 and did not install KB21010486 hotfix, Configuration Manager 2303 hotfix KB24719670 is the one that must be installed.

After the release of SCCM version 2303, Microsoft has released the following hotfixes so far:

  1. Configuration Manager 2303 KB21010486 Hotfix Rollup: This is the first hotfix released for SCCM current branch version 2303 and is available for both customers who opted in to the early update ring deployment via a PowerShell script & customers who installed the globally available release.
  2. Configuration Manager 2303 KB24721208 Hotfix: This hotfix was released to address slow data processing after installing the KB21010486 rollup update.

Note: If you have installed the Configuration Manager 2303 update after August 2, 2023, you won’t find the KB21010486 hotfix in the console. That’s because the KB21010486 update has been pulled off by Microsoft and replaced it with new KB24719670 hotfix.

Known Issues with KB21010486

After installing KB 21010486 rollup update, administrators noticed an overall performance degradation in processing data into the site database on SCCM 2303. Queries or collections based on user discovery data took longer than expected to process. For example, collection evaluation, query processing, and site-to-site replication were affected.

To address the above issue, you must install Configuration Manager 2303 hotfix KB24719670. This hotfix will appear only to customers who haven’t installed KB21010486 hotfix on or before August 2, 2023.

Issues fixed in KB24719670 Hotfix

The KB24719670 hotfix released for SCCM 2303 resolves all the issues that were listed for KB21010486 by Microsoft. For more information on this, please refer to this article by Microsoft. The database performance issues that were observed after installing hotfix KB21010486 so the update was pulled off by Microsoft.

Get SCCM 2303 KB24719670 Update in the Console

If the SCCM 2303 hotfix KB24719670 doesn’t appear in the console, ensure you run Check for Updates. Review the dmpdownloader.log in case the update fails to download on the console.

The package GUID of this hotfix update is 94727833-903B-49EF-9CF7-A43D2BC8826D. Make a note of it when the update appears in the console. This update doesn’t require a computer restart but will initiate a site reset after installation.

Install Configuration Manager 2303 Hotfix KB24719670

Use the following steps to install the KB24719670 hotfix rollup on Configuration Manager version 2303 setup:

  • Launch the Configuration Manager console.
  • Go to Administration\Overview\Updates and Servicing.
  • Ensure the status of the KB24719670 hotfix update shows as Ready to Install.
  • Right-click Configuration Manager 2303 Hotfix KB24719670 and select Install Update Pack.
Install Configuration Manager 2303 Hotfix KB24719670
Install Configuration Manager 2303 Hotfix KB24719670

The hotfix KB24719670 for ConfigMgr 2303 includes site server updates, console updates, and client updates. For prerequisite warnings, you can enable the option “ignore any prerequisite check warnings and install the update” on your production server running SCCM 2303. Click Next.

Install Configuration Manager 2303 Hotfix KB24719670
Install Configuration Manager 2303 Hotfix KB24719670

Client update options allow you to upgrade your client immediately or validate the most recent client version in the pre-production collection before upgrading all of your Configuration Manager clients. Select the appropriate option for your setup and click Next.

Select Client Upgrade Options
Select Client Upgrade Options

Accept the hotfix KB24719670 License Terms. Click Next.

Hotfix KB24719670 License Terms
Hotfix KB24719670 License Terms

On the Cloud Attach tab, the option Enable uploading Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Data for reporting devices to Endpoint Manager is enabled by default. If you have configured the Intune tenant attach for SCCM, this option won’t appear, and you can skip the step. Click Next.

Review the KB24719670 hotfix rollup installation settings on the Summary page and click Next. Close the Configuration Manager updates wizard.

Install SCCM 2303 Hotfix KB24719670
Install SCCM 2303 Hotfix KB24719670

Monitor the Installation of KB24719670 Hotfix

On your SCCM 2303 environment, you can monitor the hotfix KB24719670 installation progress by reviewing the cmupdate.log on the site server. When you install the KB24719670 hotfix rollup, any errors you run into are written to the cmupdate.log file.

Monitoring Workspace in the Configuration Manager console, on the other hand, allows you to track the progress of a hotfix installation. Take a look at the list of all the helpful SCCM Log Files related to hotfix updates.

On our Configuration Manager 2303 setup, the hotfix KB24719670 took a total of just 35 minutes to install on the server, and there were no errors encountered at any point in the installation process. Expect a SCCM site reset after the installation of the hotfix, and it doesn’t require a restart of the computer.

KB24719670 Console Upgrade

After the hotfix KB24719670 installs, the latest step is the console upgrade. The console upgrade should be performed on all the systems installed with the Configuration Manager console. Microsoft recommends upgrading the console to the latest version on the site server.

The hotfix KB24719670 installation will usually prompt for the console upgrade, you can proceed with the upgrade by clicking on the install link. The console upgrade window also appears when you close and re-open the SCCM console. Click OK to begin the console upgrade.

The KB24719670 hotfix upgrades the console version 5.2303.1089.1000 to 5.2303.1089.1300. During the console upgrade, review the console admin upgrade log files in case you encounter any errors.

KB24719670 Console Upgrade
KB24719670 Console Upgrade

Verify the Hotfix KB24719670 Installation on Primary Site

It is important that the hotfix KB24719670 gets installed on your SCCM 2303 site correctly. You can verify the installation of this hotfix with the following steps.

  • Launch the Configuration Manager console.
  • Go to Administration\Overview\Updates and Servicing.
  • Here we see the state of hotfix KB24719670 update showing as “Installed“.
  • This confirms the KB24719670 hotfix installation is successful, and you can begin to use the console for administrative tasks.
Verify the Hotfix KB24719670 Installation on Primary Site
Verify the Hotfix KB24719670 Installation on Primary Site

Installing Hotfix KB24719670 on Secondary Sites

After you install the ConfigMgr 2303 KB24719670 hotfix on a primary site, pre-existing secondary sites must be manually updated. Read more about secondary site installation in SCCM to get an idea of how to install secondary sites in SCCM.

To install the KB24719670 hotfix on a secondary site, open the Configuration Manager console, select Administration > Site Configuration > Sites > Recover Secondary Site, and then select the secondary site. Run the following SQL Server command on the site database to check whether the update version of a secondary site matches that of its parent primary site:

select dbo.fnGetSecondarySiteCMUpdateStatus ('SiteCode_of_secondary_site')
  • If the value 1 is returned, the site is up-to-date, with all the hotfixes applied on its parent primary site.
  • If the value 0 is returned, the site has not installed all the fixes that are applied to the primary site, and you should use the Recover Secondary Site option to update the secondary site.

Updating the Clients to version 5.00.9106.1022

The KB24719670 hotfix increments the SCCM client version from 5.00.9106.1000 to 5.00.9106.1022. After installing the hotfix, you must ensure the client agents are running at the latest version.

To automatically upgrade the clients across your enterprise, you can configure automatic client upgrade options under site hierarchy. Refer to the following guide to automatically update ConfigMgr clients to newer versions in the hierarchy.


  1. Avatar photo Rob Jarvis says:

    We just installed 2303 update. Do we need to install hot fix KB24719670 if we have not installed hotfix KB21010486? Seems like KB24719670 only addresses performance issues caused by KB21010486.

  2. I’m trying to edit a task sequence and get a “Generic failure” error. Has anyone experienced this? Help! 🙂

  3. After the update, dpJobMgr.exe no longer works. Does somebody has any idea

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