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The State of California is hiring for the new year.

Whether you are looking for a job with the Department of Fish and Wildlife, State Land Commission, Department of Water Resources, Department of Transportation, Department of Education or State Prison from Folsom, there is a job for you.

Remember that the California Department of Human Resources has implemented COVID-19 testing of all unvaccinated state employees working onsite as an additional health and safety standard. Those requesting a test and face covering waiver must provide proof of vaccination.

State jobs are known to offer excellent benefits and enrollment in the nation’s largest public state pension plan. Many of the following jobs have specific requirements, which are related. Browse the new Sacramento County-based jobs available on the CalCareers website, published this week, as of January 20:

Scientific aid with human dimensions | intermittent non-tenured

Department: Fish and Wildlife

Salary: $15.68 to $18.60 per hour

Scientific Aid assists in the administration, facilitation and development of human-wildlife interaction studies.

Job offer ends January 30.

Assistant Boundary Determination Officer | Permanent full time

Department: State Land Commission

Salary: $8,756 to $10,956 per month

Under the direction of the Boundary Determination Officer Supervisor, the Associate Boundary Determination Officer performs the most difficult or complex delineation tasks. The worker will also prepare maps and descriptions of boundaries and study the characteristics of tides, lakes and rivers.

The job offer ends February 18.

Accountant (specialist) | Permanent full time

Department: Transportation

Salary: $4,701 to $5,885 per month

Under the direct supervision of an Accounting Administrator, the worker is responsible for the independent performance of the duties required to provide leadership in the processing of statewide travel expenses and other customer claims. employees.

The job offer ends February 3.

Clinical social worker – Folsom State Prison | fixed term part time

Department: California Correctional Health Services

Salary: $3,364.50 to $4,603.50 per month

The clinical social worker performs assessments and summarizes case information for use in diagnosis, treatment, and interim release.

The job offer ends February 3.

Guardian | Permanent full time

Department: General Services

Salary: $2,885 to $3,574 per month

Under the supervision of the custodian supervisor, the custodian is responsible for the daily cleaning of the building assigned to him.

The job offer ends February 3.

Education program consultant | Permanent full time

Department: Education

Salary: $7,354.00 – $9,205.00 per month

The Education Curriculum Consultant works independently providing technical assistance and monitoring special education compliance in assigned areas.

Job offer ends January 31.

Engineer | Permanent full time

Department: Water Resources

Salary: $5,849 to $10,956 per month

The incumbent will join a dynamic team to award and manage local agency grant funding to execute statewide flood risk reduction projects. The incumbent will also support the management and implementation of multiple programs from concept to completion, including solicitation, review, evaluation and selection of new project proposals.

Job offer ends January 31.

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Brianna Taylor is a service desk reporter for The Sacramento Bee. A former Bee intern, Brianna has also reported from Missouri and Maryland. She graduated from Morgan State University.


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