These are the worst cities in California for retirees: study


Retire in California looks like a dream, doesn’t it? With everything from ocean views and mountains in the background to a pleasant year-round climate and consistently sunny weather to enjoy the outdoors, the Golden State surely offers seniors a wide range of options to spend their golden years.

The high quality of life, job opportunities and the best health care options make California a desirable place to retire, according to a recent American news analysis of the 150 largest WE metropolitan areas as potential retirement locations.

But it’s not cheap.

A new study by GOBankingTariffs analyzed the median listing price of a house and the average expenses of a person aged 65 and over, identifying which of the CaliforniaThe cheapest places to live also offer a similar lifestyle to the more expensive options one might consider first.


To arrive at the results, the analysts considered three factors – Zillow’s median housing listing price data by city; the average cost of living index in the selected cities; data from the Bureau of Labor Statistcs’ 2021 Consumer Expenditure Survey to find annual expenditure amounts to determine how much a person 65 and older might spend in each city per month.

Here’s what the study found in terms of cities to avoid and a more affordable alternative option.

Los Angeles to San Bernardino

No wonder here that the second largest city in the WE. is among the most expensive. In THEthe median house price is around $1 million, with the cost of living for households 65 and older reaching $117,927.14.

Neighbour San Bernardino, however, offers many of the same benefits without costing an arm and a leg, according to the study. Here, the median home price is $463,783, which is $509,045 less than Los Angeles. Moreover, the average senior spends less than $44,000 a year to live in Saint Bernardineaccording to the study.

Oakland to Modesto

The median home price in Oakland is $955,409, followed by an average cost of living for seniors of $118,000.

The study suggests the inner city of Modesto, where the median list price for a home is $450,204, less than half that of Oakland. The average cost of living for seniors in Modesto is nearly $77,000.

From Santa Ana to Henderson, Nevada

In Santa Ana, the median home price is $788,712 and the average annual outlay for people age 65 and older is $96,000, analysts said.

Instead, Henderson, across the Nevada border from Las Vegas, is a cheaper alternative, according to the study. Here, the median house price is $513,542, and annual expenses for those 65 and older are more than $21,000 a year lower.

Anaheim to Las Vegas, Nevada

Located just south of Los Angeles and at home Disneyland, Anaheimthe cost of living is not very pleasing. Here, average annual spending by seniors exceeds $100,000, while the median house price is $877,761.

But in Sin City (also aptly called the Disneyland for adults), the median house price is almost half that of Anaheim, and the average annual spending in Las Vegas is just under $75,000 per year. That’s close to $25,000 a year that can be saved on basic needs.

San Francisco to Sacramento

Although home to the Golden Gate Bridge, spending your golden years in the City by the Bay will break the bank. Here, the median house price is $1.5 million, with the average senior spending more than $164,000 a year on necessities.

In the state capital, just to the north, Sacramento’s median home price is about a quarter of San Francisco’s at $503,651, according to the study. Here, the average senior spends $81,384, more than half of what seniors in San Francisco spend.

Riverside in Fresno

One of the biggest cities in the Inland Empire is also quite expensive for the elderly. According to the study, the average price of a house in Riverside is $632,436 and the average annual expenditure for those 65 and older is $89,750.45.

Moving to Fresno in the Central Valley will give you the same kind of weather and other conveniences at a fraction of the cost. Seniors here will save $256,000 buying a home compared to Riversidein addition to saving more than $20,000 annually in expenses.

San Jose to Stockton

The capital of Silicon Valley comes at a pretty high price. It’s a little cheaper than San Francisco, but not by much. Here, the median home price is $1,385,280, with average annual expenditures estimated at around $143,895.20.

Compare that to Stockton, where according to the study, the median home price is less than a third of San Jose’s at $454,453. The average annual expense for seniors is $77,368.77, nearly half that of San Jose.

Long Beach in Corpus Christi, Texas

Spending your golden years at the beach may be a dream for many, but it is expensive in Long Beach. Here, the median house price is $808,501, with the average annual outlay for those 65 and over at $106,482.45.

The study suggests Corpus Christi, a city on the Gulf Coast of Texas, as an economic alternative. Here, the median house price is $219,190 and annual expenses are estimated to be around $56,018.74. Retirees would save nearly $600,000 buying a home here.

San Diego to Jacksonville, Florida

America’s Finest City has a good price, okay. According to the study, the median price of a home here is $968,370, and retirees will need more than $107,000 a year to cover basic expenses.

Seniors who are brave enough to switch coasts and travel to Jacksonville, Florida can still enjoy the beaches and warm weather at a fraction of the cost. According to the study, the median home price here is $650,000 lower than in San Diego, with average annual expenses around $63,000.

To see the full study and national rankings, tap or click here.


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