These 11 California Cities Rank In The Best For Book Lovers


PASADENA, CA – A new study has ranked several cities in Southern California as America’s best for book lovers.

Lawn Love compared the 200 largest US cities based on access to public libraries, bookstores, free small libraries, book clubs, and events. Several cities in the Golden State top the list.

Pasadena took first place in the overall nationwide corporate rankings, thanks to the city’s high marks in books for sale (# 2) and book exchanges (# 9).

With plenty of literary events, book lovers in Pasadena can take a break from the city’s many independent and second-hand bookstores and escape to annual events, such as LitFest and the Pasadena loves YA book festival for teens.

Pasadena wasn’t the only California city to make the top 10. Garden Grove was ranked # 8 on the list, with high scores for book rentals and events. Oakland was ranked No. 9, with high-scoring books for sale and book exchanges.

Here’s a look at the top 10 cities for book lovers from across the country:

The best cities of 2022 for book lovers
1. Pasadena, California
2. Seattle, WA
3. Jersey City, New Jersey
4. Eugene, OR
5. New York, New York State
6. Portland, OR
7. Alexandria, Virginia
8. Garden Grove, California
9. Oakland, California
10. Denver, CO

Although they weren’t in the top 10, several California cities still performed well and are very “book-friendly,” according to Lawn Love.

This includes San Francisco, which took 19th place, ranking high for community and book rental.

Home to many Beat Generation hotspots, San Fran is also home to the Beat Museum, as well as hangouts frequented by Beat writers, such as City Lights Bookstore and Vesuvius coffee.

Local Council: Make sure to visit Vroman Bookstore, SoCal’s oldest independent bookstore.

Here is the ranking of other Californian cities:

15. Torrance, California
20. Fulerton, California
24. Orange, California
25. San Diego, California
27. Sacramento, California
31. Sunnyvale, California
49. Los Angeles, California

So which cities are some of the worst for book lovers? According to Lawn Love, these towns include Sunrise Manor, NV (No. 200), Joliet, IL (No. 199), Enterprise, NJ (No. 198), Olathe, KA (No. 197) and Corpus Christi, TX (n ° 196).


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