Streetcar races and stunts terrorizing California cities


(NewsNation) – Two people is dead in an apparent streetcar race that turned into a hit-and-run accident on the 91 freeway in Florence, Los Angeles, on Saturday.

This deadly event was followed by a call from the police to disperse the crowds after another illegal streetcar encounter took place the following Sunday morning.

Both instances are examples of what is an ongoing problem for the California community, as street racers have taken over local roads, performing dangerous stunts.

What’s more, they took place right after Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer announced a new campaign to fix the current problem appeals from residents and lawmakers for more to do are renewed.

“These events are killing innocent people and we are fighting like mad to hold the exhibitionists and street runners to account,” he told a press conference. “It’s out of control and we know it.”

Every weekend, illegal races, street takeovers, side shows and street races crop up across the country.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration told NewsNation that the number of fatalities nearly doubled from 2019 to 2020 because it was a problem that exploded during the pandemic when there were fewer cars on the roads.

A man from Duluth, Georgia, for example, was just arrested last week for burning rubber during a test drive, as was Governor Brian Kemp signed new legislation to fight crime, including street racing.

“My message to everyone is that we are doing everything we can from a state perspective with our resources to continue to fight crime, to continue to pursue street racing in our state,” said Kemp.

To help combat the rise in illegal racing, ‘Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift’ star Sung Kang has made a new public service announcement.

“I make movies about speed and fury and blowing up things in space. Who am I to preach about that… but I’ve lost a brother,” Kang said in a relations statement. public, referring to fellow actor Paul Walker, who was killed in a high-speed accident in 2013.

Paul Walker’s younger brother, Cody, was also part of the campaign.

“Let’s be responsible,” he wrote.

” Do not be stupid. Take it to the track. There’s someone at home who loves you, waiting for you to come back. It’s not worth the risk, I promise,” Cody Walker said.


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