Long Beach residents can now access a California State Parks Day Pass using their library card • Long Beach Post News


The Long Beach Public Library has joined a three-year pilot program that began earlier this month “to advance safe and equitable outdoor access for all Californians,” according to a press release.

There are 13 California State Library Parks Pass available at the register in Long Beach, one at each public library in the city on a first-come, first-served basis. Library card holders can borrow one pass at a time for a seven-day period to receive free daytime vehicle admission to any participating state park.

The program is part of Governor Gavin Newsom’s $9.1 million Outdoors for All initiative allocated in the State Budget 2021-22which states that “four out of ten Californians do not have access to open space within walking distance of their homes and six out of ten Californians live in park-poor neighborhoods, or areas with less than three acres of parks or open spaces for a thousand inhabitants.”

“Research shows that spending time outdoors is associated with better mental and physical health, and that many Californians face barriers to accessing their parks,” said Christine Hertzel, acting director of park services. the library. “Through this partnership, we can help our residents explore the outdoors and generate positive impacts in health, natural resource management, and historical and cultural connections.”

The pass is good for a vehicle with up to nine people inside or a motorbike with highway license and it can only be used for free entry, not for camping, boat use , group use or special events.

Park passes can be put on hold through the library online catalog and participating state parks and beaches can be found using the interactive map feature.


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