How do Stockton’s monthly bills compare to cities in California, USA?


While Stockton residents spend 23% more than the typical U.S. household on monthly bills, utility spending roughly matches the national average, an analysis finds.

Households in Stockton pay $2,322 for the 10 most common monthly bills, while the average US household pays $1,889, according to an analysis by bill payment company Doxo.

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But when it comes to public services, Stockton is on par with the rest of the country. Households in Stockton pay an average of $319 per month for utilities, while US households pay $316.

Modesto households pay an average of $207, and Sacramento-area households pay an average of $257.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration expects U.S. households pay more to heat their home This winter.

Housing payments made up the largest portion of Stockton residents’ monthly bills. Mortgage payments in Stockton averaged $1,663 and rent averaged $1,269. Homeowners in Stockton spend around 20% of their income on housing.

Stockton ranked 14th in the state for monthly bill cost. The San Jose area ranked #1 with an average cost of $3,151. Clearlake was the least expensive, with an average cost of $1,700.

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Stockton households pay about 9% less than the average California household.

The City of Stockton offers an assistance program that can cover 100% of overdue rent or utility bills.

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