Gustine FFA welcomes officers from the State of California | Community


Gustine FFA members, teachers, officer team, and the school were privileged to welcome Landon Hendricks, California State FFA Vice President, and Brian Kavanagh, State Treasurer August 25 and 26. State officer visits are something every FFA chapter looks forward to. With 338 FFA chapters in California, only every four years does a chapter receive a visit from a state officer. making it a unique high school opportunity that members don’t take for granted.

Before Brian and Landon went to campus to give leadership presentations to our students, the team of officers got to meet them and have dinner. The team of officers were able to chat with Brian and Landon for a few hours over dinner to get to know them both better on a personal level and go over all they had in store for our members.

On the morning of August 26, Officers Brian and Landon were greeted at Gustine High School by many FFA members with posters and banners letting them know how excited we were all to have them on our campus. . They have given presentations to many different classes on different topics about how they can be better leaders and versions of themselves. Brain and Landon were truly an inspiration to our members, they made sure everyone felt included, comfortable and excited to participate and interact in these activities. We are very honored to have been able to spend time with Landon and Brain and hope they really enjoyed their visit with our members. Freshman Josie Nunes shared “I really enjoyed meeting the state officers and having the pleasure of participating in the activities they organized for us.”


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