Cost of a wedding in California: map shows state-by-state breakdown


(NEXSTAR) – How much does it cost to have a wedding? While some general rules apply — weddings in larger cities are likely to be more expensive — it turns out the cost varies widely from state to state.

Wedding site The Knot recently released its 2021 Real Weddings study to determine the average cost of a wedding in each US state. The results also indicated that wedding spending is back on the rise after plummeting at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the average wedding now costs around $28,000. That makes sense, given that the average guest list has also grown to 105 guests, from 66 at the start of the pandemic.

The most expensive state of marriage? New Jersey, where a wedding will cost an average of $47,000. The cheapest weddings, on average, take place in Wyoming, where a ceremony near the Rockies costs around $15,800.

Take a look at this interactive map to see the average cost of a wedding in your state.

wedding budget

The Knot also breaks down the average wedding budget — not including honeymoons. The top five expenses are:

  • Location – 30% of budget
  • Restoration – 23%
  • Bandaged – 13%
  • wedding rings – 7%
  • Photography – 7%

The cost of flowers and liquor/liquor also accounts for 7% of average budgets.


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