California State Senate: Who’s Running in the 2022 Election?


About the hiring process:

The state The Senate is seeing a shake-up this year due to a combination of term limits and new district maps following the 2020 census. Senators have staggered four-year terms, and all 20 even districts are on the ballot. voting this year. So some voters who were supposed to choose a state senator in 2022 are now in new districts and won’t have a chance until 2024.

Seven of the current 40 senators cannot run again due to term limits. Four others chose not to run again. For some, it’s to pursue higher office: Sydney Kamlager of Los Angeles is running for Congress and Steve Glazer of Walnut Creek is running for state comptroller. The others – Connie Leyva of Chino and Andreas Borgeas of Fresno – are retiring from politics altogether.

The current Senate has 31 Democrats and 9 Republicans. Although control is out of reach, if they flip at least five seats, Republicans could eliminate control of two-thirds of Democrats who allows them to pass tax hikes or put constitutional amendments on the ballot without any Republican votes. Two Democrats are running unopposed, so they’ve already been hired. We highlight five particularly notable races.

For all positions, the top two candidates will take the final exam in November.


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