California State Senate Passes Fast Food Workers Rights Bill


As mariachi music blasted through the air, the celebration that began inside the offices of Local 721 of the Los Angeles The Service Employees International Union takes to the sidewalks. Enthusiasm followed the passage of the California State Senate of Assembly Bill 257who will establish the state and local fast food tips.

It would be the first of its kind. For fast-food worker Angela Kissinger, it’s important “…because for once we can have a voice and we have a seat at the table.”

It would be a table populated by fast food workers and franchisees, where they could talk about wages and working conditions. This bill affects not only the drive-thrus we know, but also pizzerias, cafes and ice cream parlours, etc.


Opponents called it a hidden tax non-elected board members. They suggested it would raise consumer prices, speed up automation and incentivize homeowners to cut jobs. But, for workers like Sandro Flores, it’s about creating fairness. Says Flores, “I think as a worker it’s so hard to get a complaint across, so it’s about leveling the playing field.”


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