California State Parks to Increase SNO-Park Permit Fees Starting Nov. 1

For immediate release: 21/10/2022

California State Parks to Increase SNO-Park Permit Fees Starting Nov. 1

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The Off-Road Motor Vehicle Recreation Division of California State Parks today announced a fee increase for California SNO-Parks Permit. As of November 1, 2022, the daily permit will increase from $5 to $15 and the seasonal permit from $25 to $40. The fee increase, the first since 2000, will help offset increased operating costs for 18 SNO parks along the Sierra Nevada due to the need for additional maintenance, staffing and security, as well as the resolution of damage to the site due to increased visitation and recent forest fires.

Winter recreation opportunities are offered at 18 SNO-Park sites, with each SNO-Park providing visitors with plowed parking lots and washroom facilities. Visitors have access to self-guided activities such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, dog sledding, snowmobiling, and other general snow recreational activities. SNO parks are open seasonally between November 1 and May 30 and require visitors to display a parking permit for each vehicle.

SNO-Parks attract thousands of visitors from across the state, country and the world. During high season, high footfall means full parking lots, congested roads and long wait times for open parking spaces. Visitors are advised to plan ahead and have other places to visit in case their destination is full. The public can find the list of the 18 SNO-Parcs here.

The SNO-Park program is coordinated and administered by the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division in conjunction with the U.S. Forest Service, California Department of Transportation, California Highway Patrol, and various other community organizations. Snow removal services and washroom facilities are supported by the Winter Recreation Fund, which is funded by the sale of SNO-Park parking permits. SNO-Park passes can be purchased online here, at a local vendor or by mail. Passes go on sale Monday, October 24.

SNO-Parks can be identified by distinctive brown signs located along the Sierra Nevada highways. Visitors are advised not to park along the interchanges as it is prohibited by law.

For more information on locations, approved activities and to purchase permits, visit

Group cross-country skiing in an SNO-Park.

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