California State Parks proposes to build a hotel in Old Sacramento


The proposed location for the hotel is directly across from the California State Railroad Museum on I Street in the Old Sacramento Historic District.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The California Department of Parks and Recreation proposed to build a hotel in Old Sacramento.

The proposed location for the hotel would be directly opposite the California State Railroad Museum on I Street. A California State Parks representative said the purpose of the proposed hotel development was “to collect, preserve, study, restore, reconstruct, exhibit and interpret this history for the education, recreation and enjoyment of visitors of the park”.

According to California State Parks, the project offers them the opportunity to attract visitors to the area and tell a larger, more inclusive story about the California Gold Rush, as the Old Sacramento Historic District is known to be a National Historic Landmark.

“State Parks believes that a unique hotel development has the potential to complement the historic purpose of Old Sacramento State Historic Park, add to the vitality of the area, and provide a new way for visitors to experience the site,” John Fraser, Capital District superintendent for California State Parks, wrote in a statement to ABC10.

Over the past year, California State Parks has worked with Page & Turnbull Inc.a local historic preservation, architecture, planning and design firm, to develop a study for the design and programming of the proposed hotel.

California State Parks is seeking public input on proposed project design guidelines. State Parks, along with representatives from Page & Turnbull Inc., are hosting a virtual workshop from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday, June 16. During the workshop, they will present their journey, their objectives and their first design ideas for the hotel before collecting comments from the public and local partners.

Click HERE for more information on the proposed hotel project.

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