California State Parks awards $ 8.5 million to city of Redding for brand new park


The City of Redding announced today that it has received a $ 8.5 million California State Parks Grant to build a brand new park at 950 Lake Boulevard in Redding. This funding is part of Governor Gavin Newsom’s “Outdoors for All” initiative, which has provided a total of $ 548.3 million to expand park access to 112 communities statewide. A total of 468 applications were received for this grant, representing $ 2.42 billion in applications.

“Being one of the communities this grant has been awarded addresses Redding’s need for a city-owned community center and fills the gap in park facilities in this area,” Kim said. Niemer, director of community services. “It also highlights the fantastic efforts of the City of Redding staff to secure outside funding for the needs of the local community. “

With this 68 Park Grant proposal funding, the Town of Redding will build the 10.5-acre Panorama Park including a 20,000-square-foot recreation facility, meeting Redding’s long-standing need for a community center and a park in the northwest quadrant of the city, simultaneously.

Historically, the town’s recreation programs relied on gymnasiums owned by other local entities, but this recreation center will serve as the first such gymnasium and community center for the Town of Redding. The center will include basketball courts, classrooms, a reception area, restrooms and storage space in a larger park with open fields, trails, landscaping, a playground, a dog park, lighted walkways and parking.

In October 2020, the application was developed on the basis of specific criteria which made the location particularly desirable according to the requirements of the grant. This step would help consolidate this victory for Redding which has been in the works for more than two decades. This is the second grant in this program to the Town of Redding, the first of which has funded the Caldwell Park expansion project currently underway.

Several public meetings and a survey were organized to collect community feedback on a new Panorama park. This process provided the City with insight into the people who live in the neighborhood – from children to retirees. The enthusiasm shown was highlighted in a video submitted with the grant application. All of this contributed to a funded project!

This app has been successful as the area has no other parks, the neighborhood has a mix of income and there is a huge need for gym space in Redding.

“This space will provide consistency for children – a place where they can take root and feel a sense of community in their neighborhood,” says Travis Menne, Community Project Manager for the Town of Redding. “This keeps them away from the heat during the summer months and the rain during the fall and winter and ensures that they always have a resource on the staff at Redding Recreation. This is an investment in a part of the city that has needed it and has long deserved it – a chance for generations of families to engage in healthy, positive activities and create lasting memories.

Jenny Moore, Recreation Supervisor at the Town of Redding, helped draft the grant that made this park a reality for the community of Redding. Moore says telling a community’s story is an important step in the process of getting a grant application like this noticed after hundreds of submissions.

“One of the most rewarding things about setting up these apps is that we get to tell a group of people who don’t know our city what our values ​​are,” says Moore. “We can share a little bit about our city with people who have never been here and it can really help put a community like Redding on the map.”

Although the environmental permits have already been completed, the community center design process is expected to take at least a year. The Panorama Park site is scheduled for inauguration in 2024.


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