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Re “The SALT fight is coming to a head” (November 28):

I expected better from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

Maybe you should change your name, because Howard isn’t here to right this ship.

Bernie Sanders joined Bob Menendez in proposing an income cap of $ 400,000 per year on the SALT deduction, with the goal of eliminating billionaires.

The maximum amount of $ 80,000 instead of the current $ 10,000 in deductions would help Californians up and down the state recover from the Trump crisis in 2017.

It is not pretty to make tax codes and sausages.

Don’t look too closely at either one until they’re done.

– Laurie Pisano, Rancho Palos Verdes

Local flash mob looting is out of control in the state

Re “Police patrols increase due to armed robberies in the area” (November 25):

I seem to remember that the looting of crowds, or even the theft of isolated individuals from shops, was perfectly acceptable to elected officials and those who called on communities to fund the police.

But now that they’re raiding high-end stores, all of a sudden there’s an uproar and uproar.

The crime was promoted with no consequences for the actions and the stores had to take it on the chin.

But sorry, unless the police are there, there will be very little that will be done to these looters other than watch the videos and see all the people with their faces hidden by masks.

– Barry Levy, Hawthorne

Does Rittenhouse’s Story Show Crime Pays?

Re “Rittenhouse Reflects on Next Stage of Life” (Nov 25): According to this article, Kyle Rittenhouse may have a bright future ahead of him. For starters, he was invited to Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago and had an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson. Path to follow. After all, crime pays. He has killed two men who will never see the sun again while he, Rittenhouse, investigates what might be lucrative for his future. It doesn’t matter which way you turn this puzzle, there is something really wrong with this picture.

– Christine Peterson, Woodland Hills

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