California Premier Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom and California State Library Launch Summer Reading Club


June 14, 2022 – Sacramento, California – This summer, Californian children through ninth grade will have the chance to participate in a reading program sponsored by California First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom and the California State Library.

“During the early years of development, children’s minds are limited only by the information they can access,” said first partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom. “Through our summer book club, we introduce children in California to well-written books on topics such as empathy, mental health, diversity, and protecting our planet. Reading is such an integral part of a child’s development, and when we introduce a love of books early, we can help broaden children’s horizons and unlock their limitless potential.

Young Californians can participate in the Summer Book Club by joining their local library’s summer reading program. “Of all the tools parents give their children, few have the lasting benefits of a library card,” said State Librarian Greg Lucas. “Through the leadership of Partner One, we’re helping introduce the next generation of Californians to the ideas and resources they’ll need to succeed and thrive.”

This year the First Partner’s Summer Book Club will run for nine weeks starting June 13, 2022. The 21 books selected for the program are divided into four age-appropriate groups and explore a variety of themes. The first partner selected the books from a list of nominations made by California librarians. Copies of Summer Reading Club books will be distributed to public libraries across the state.

Titles include tornado brain by Cat Patrick, which follows 13-year-old Frankie, who is neurodivergent. This means that, in her case, she can’t stand being touched, loud noises bother her, she’s easily distracted, and she hates changes in her routine. It also means that Frankie has a hard time making friends, although she had a best friend…until she disappeared. Frankie sets out to find clues that her former friend may have left behind with the help of her sister Tess.

In Save Sorya, a young Vietnamese girl named Chang decides to do whatever she can to save wild animals by teaching herself survival skills, documenting in her field notebook every rainforest plant and animal she sees and belies those who think she is not old enough. Once she’s managed to earn their trust and respect, Chang faces an even greater challenge…bringing her best friend Sorya, the sun bear she’s raised since childhood, back into the wild. . Letting go of a friend is never easy…even when it’s the right thing to do.

About the State Library: Founded in 1850, the California State Library has an extensive collection of artwork, books, diaries, maps, newspapers, periodicals, photographs, and of posters from all of California’s rich history. The State Library is also the information center for the California state government and holds federal and state publications, houses the Bernard E. Witkin State Law Library and the Braille Book Library and spoken and serves as the primary state agency for library-related services throughout California.

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