California interactive map shows which schools are open and which are not


The status of California public schools as of February 18, 2021

For the first time during the pandemic, the California Department of Public Health released interactive maps showing which districts and types of schools are currently open for in-person education, distance learning, or a hybrid version.

The maps are broken down into public schools, charter schools and private schools.

The maps reveal that most private schools in California operate in person for young children, while the majority of state and charter schools remain in distance education.

The map shows that most public schools in the north and east of the state, such as the Modoc County and Eastern Sierra districts, are open to younger people, while schools along of the coast, including the Bay Area, mainly provide distance education. The southern portion of the state, including schools in Los Angeles and San Diego, is also closed for most.

There are a few exceptions in the Bay Area. Most elementary public schools and some middle schools in Marin County organize in-person learning. Elementary schools in the La Honda-Pescadero School District in San Mateo also host in-person learning.

The map does not correlate the incomes of families living in these areas or easily show what the COVID rates are for each county.

As part of the reopening at four state levels, schools can reopen with county approval if they are in the red level, the second most restrictive, for five consecutive days. Schools that have reopened are not required to close if their county reverts to the strictest purple level.

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