Aaron Rodgers on California: “The State is going to screw up.”


Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers certainly isn’t afraid to speak his mind. From his positions on COVID-19 vaccines and “immunization” to his Criticisms medias and their cover of him to his discussion of ayahuasca use and more, Rodgers has been on countless podcasts recently and speaks his mind. And that extends to politics, where he recently delivered harsh criticism of California and Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Rodgers (seen above in front of the Packers‘ August 12 pre-season game against the San Francisco 49ers in Santa Clara, Calif.) has shown a willingness to criticize both sides of the political aisle. Last month he continued Joe Roganthe podcast and mocked current US president Joe Bidenand he recently sparked a discussion with a “Rodgers/Lazard ’23 MAKE GREEN BAY GREAT AGAIN” shirt which parodied the slogan often used by former US President Donald Trump. But in an upcoming episode of Bill Maherit is Random club podcast, Rodgers seemed to agree with some of Maher’s criticism of Trump, particularly his refusal to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election, and he would not commit to supporting anyone in particular in 2024.

And Rodgers also spoke out against Republican-backed government abortion restrictions on that podcast. There he said, “I don’t believe the government should have any control over what we do with our bodies…Even though I’m pro-life, I don’t want the government to tell me I can’t.” smoke a cigar, I can’t drink alcohol, I can’t choose my own medical decisions. And if I’m a woman, don’t tell me what to do.

Perhaps the most notable things Rodgers said here were about California. There, he blamed COVID-19 restrictions for killing small businesses in his hometown of Chico, and criticized a bill that would punish doctors who spread COVID misinformation. The podcast doesn’t come out until Sunday, but SFGate’s Aaron Ting got a sneak peek, and relayed some notable quotes. Here are a few from California:

Rodgers said of California in general, “The state is going s—but I’m hanging on.” He then slammed California localities over strict COVID-19 mitigation measures after doing so previously on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

After Maher argued that former mask mandates at his Cornell alma mater were onerous, Rodgers replied, “They also mask at Berkeley.” (Berkeley, Rodgers’ alma mater, does not currently enforce a mask mandate for COVID-19, but does require students who don’t get the flu shot to wear masks indoors.) Of stay-at-home orders that shut down restaurants and other businesses, Rodgers said, “I grew up in a small town, very few cases in Chico, California, but all small businesses? I left.

… Rodgers also voiced his disapproval of AB 2098, a bill to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office that would sanction doctors for promoting misinformation about COVID-19. The bill is controversial because the definitions of “disinformation” and “disinformation” are broad. When Maher spoke to Rodgers about the legislation, the quarterback asked, “based on what level of misinformation?”

Much of this lines up with what Rodgers has said before about him not thinking many COVID restrictions are needed, which he used to justify his decision to violate NFL protocols 2020 which required unvaccinated players to wear masks at team facilities and at press conferences (which eventually leads to a fine for him). But it’s interesting to see him weigh in with particular commentary on California (and Berkeley) government measures, and to do so in such strong terms.

Maher’s podcast with Rodgers will be available here Sunday.

[SFGate; photo from Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports]


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