A study from California State University indicates that children who play team sports are less likely to have mental health problems


Participation alone could reduce the likelihood of children having mental health problems, according to a California State University study published in OLP.

Researchers analyzed 11,235 American children and adolescents between the ages of 9 and 13 and found that soccer, basketball, volleyball and other team sports can be very beneficial.

“Specifically, children and adolescents who played team sports were less likely to have symptoms of anxiety and depression, withdrawal, social problems, thinking problems, attention and behavior problems. breaking rules (in women only),” the study said.

But when it comes to individual sports, like golf, tennis and gymnastics, there’s a big difference.

“Children and adolescents who participated in individual sports had higher levels of mental health problems across multiple syndromes compared to those who did not participate in organized sports,” the study said.

Overall, the study says the findings suggest that the sport in question – whether a team or individual sport – could be an important factor in the correlation between sports participation and health. mental.


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