A look at the technology journey every California Department of State website is following to deliver faster solutions to the general public than private entities


Automation is the only way to achieve any kind of rapid development and deployment, which none of the California State Departments could achieve with their current on-premises architecture, which requires moving to infrastructure in as code.

Developers don’t have to manually provision and manage servers, operating systems, storage, and other infrastructure components every time they develop or deploy an application because infrastructure provisioning is automated with IaC.

The benefit of adapting infrastructure automation is that it reduces human interaction with IT systems by writing repeatable scripts or functions that can be executed by other software or on command.

Moving to the cloud is the first step towards achieving the goal of automation with IaC, and GitHub Enterprise Cloud is chosen to create an agile framework. Departments selected GitHub based on their previous experience with Microsoft Azure DevOps. The benefits of using the GitHub Enterprise cloud include features like securing every step while automating the entire workflow. Using a GitHub repository streamlines the process of checking out, working on, and monitoring code. However, with GitHub Enterprise Cloud, collaboration has become easier as every State Department employee now has access to Azure Devops, and whenever access is required, simply grant them permission to access the GitHub repository.

When Azure DevOps and GitHub are combined, it creates shared responsibility for collaboration as well as built-in security early in the development process. Not to mention, this fusion of collaboration and built-in security extends the culture of DevSecOps. Each code is pre-scanned before being committed to GitHub and the developer can see that the code has been pre-committed. However, in reality, when the code is committed in the backend, the CI/CD pipelines are triggered and the code is routed through Veracode (a CDT static analysis tool) and SCA so that any vulnerabilities can be detected during the development phase. Veracode allows you to see any code defects immediately before going live, reducing deployment time.

TekYantra Inc is pleased to extend its IaC services to various State Department websites

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